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Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Afsah, Ebrahim Associate Professor International Law, Constitutional Law, Islamic Law, International Relations Billede af Afsah, Ebrahim
Agrawal, Mitali PhD Fellow Billede af Agrawal, Mitali
Alomar, Rafael Cox Guest Researcher Billede af Alomar, Rafael Cox
Andersen, Eigil Lego Affiliate Professor Billede af Andersen, Eigil Lego
Andersen, Mads Bryde Professor International Private Law Billede af Andersen, Mads Bryde
Andersen, Marlene Louise Buch Associate Professor Insurance Law, Tort Law, Workers Compensation, Work Environment, Digital Platforms, Private Governance in Insurance Billede af Andersen, Marlene Louise Buch
Andhov, Alexandra Associate Professor Corporate law, law and technology, blockchain regulation, corporate governance, capital market law, FinTech and Legal Tech Billede af Andhov, Alexandra
Andhov, Marta Associate Professor Public procurement law, sustainable public procurement, governmental contracts, food law, Trade law, arbitration, contract law Billede af Andhov, Marta
Arda, Asli Assistant Professor Shipping Law, Contract Law, Autonomous and Remotely Controlled Ships, Digitalization, Commercial Arbitration, Insurance Law Billede af Arda, Asli
Armand, Cecilie PhD Fellow Billede af Armand, Cecilie
Balvig, Flemming Professor Emeritus Criminology Billede af Balvig, Flemming
Bang-Pedersen, Ulrik Rammeskow Professor Billede af Bang-Pedersen, Ulrik Rammeskow
Barrio Fernandez, Alberto Postdoc Billede af Barrio Fernandez, Alberto
Battistella Marinucci, Vincenzo PhD Fellow Maritime- and transport law, contract law, sustainability in shipping law, tort law, offshore contracts, law of ports, piracy, autonomous vehicles Billede af Battistella Marinucci, Vincenzo
Battistella Marinucci, Vincenzo Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Battistella Marinucci, Vincenzo
Baumbach, Trine Professor Head of CORA Billede af Baumbach, Trine
Bendel, Justine Irene Marie Curie Fellow Billede af Bendel, Justine Irene
Bergenfelt, Kjeld Guest Researcher Billede af Bergenfelt, Kjeld
Bergqvist, Christian Associate Professor Billede af Bergqvist, Christian
Bernasol, Joseph Cape Research Assistant Billede af Bernasol, Joseph Cape
Blomqvist, Jørgen Affiliate Professor Billede af Blomqvist, Jørgen
Bluitgen, Emilie Topp PhD Fellow Billede af Bluitgen, Emilie Topp
Bluitgen, Emilie Topp Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Bluitgen, Emilie Topp
Bodansky, Daniel Guest Researcher Billede af Bodansky, Daniel
Bogetoft, Rasmus Arler Kamstrup Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Bogetoft, Rasmus Arler Kamstrup
Bogush, Gleb Postdoc Billede af Bogush, Gleb
Bostyn, Sven Jean R Associate Professor Billede af Bostyn, Sven Jean R
Bottero, Matteo Postdoc EU Law and Policy, Labour Mobility, Law and Private Governance, EU and International Migration Law, European Integration, EU Constitutional Law Billede af Bottero, Matteo
Bærentzen, Susi Hjorth Guest Researcher Billede af Bærentzen, Susi Hjorth
Bürkert, Johanna Sophie PhD Fellow Billede af Bürkert, Johanna Sophie
Bürkert, Johanna Sophie PhD Student Billede af Bürkert, Johanna Sophie
Cakal, Ergun PhD Student Billede af Cakal, Ergun
Caserta, Salvatore Associate Professor Sociology of Law Billede af Caserta, Salvatore
Catonini, Federica PhD Fellow Billede af Catonini, Federica
Cavaleri, Sylvie Cécile Associate Professor Contract law, especially construction law and dispute resolution, mostly in international or comparative perspective; international private law Billede af Cavaleri, Sylvie Cécile
Christensen, Jan S Affiliate Professor Billede af Christensen, Jan S
Christensen, Mikkel Jarle Professor with special responsibilities Sociology and Law Billede af Christensen, Mikkel Jarle
Christiansen, Nicole Assistant Professor Billede af Christiansen, Nicole
Corrales Compagnucci, Marcelo Associate Professor IT law Billede af Corrales Compagnucci, Marcelo
Cuesta, Pedro Guest Researcher Billede af Cuesta, Pedro
Cullen, Miriam Associate Professor Associate Professor Billede af Cullen, Miriam
Dahl, Børge Affiliate Professor Billede af Dahl, Børge
Davis, Peter Alexander Earls Postdoc Billede af Davis, Peter Alexander Earls
Dothan, Shai Associate Professor Billede af Dothan, Shai
Druedahl, Louise C. Guest Researcher Billede af Druedahl, Louise C.
Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella PhD Fellow Billede af Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella
Ehlers, Andreas Bloch Professor Billede af Ehlers, Andreas Bloch
Eklund, Hanna Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Eklund, Hanna
Elgaard, Karina Kim Egholm Associate Professor Billede af Elgaard, Karina Kim Egholm
Feldthusen, Rasmus Kristian Professor Billede af Feldthusen, Rasmus Kristian
Fikfak, Veronika Associate Professor Billede af Fikfak, Veronika
Fink, Anna Louise Damsgaard PhD Student Billede af Fink, Anna Louise Damsgaard
Floryan, Leonard PhD Student Billede af Floryan, Leonard
Floryan, Leonard Research Assistant Billede af Floryan, Leonard
Fogde, Mikael Kenno Research Assistant Billede af Fogde, Mikael Kenno
Frandsen, Hjalte Osborn PhD Student Billede af Frandsen, Hjalte Osborn
Frese, Amalie Associate Professor Aassociate professor in social- and equality law Billede af Frese, Amalie
Friis, Emilie Katrine Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Friis, Emilie Katrine
Frost, Kim Professor Billede af Frost, Kim
Galli, Alessandro Guest Researcher Billede af Galli, Alessandro
Gausdal, Maria Edith Lindholm Assistant Professor Contract law (sustainability/regulatory), torts, railway law, standards, labour/human rights/climate & private law, interface private/procurement law Billede af Gausdal, Maria Edith Lindholm
Gebremichael, Atakilti H PhD Fellow Billede af Gebremichael, Atakilti H
Giakouminaki, Olga Postdoc Public Procurement Contracts, Concession Contracts, PurpLE Project, EU Law, Administrative Law Billede af Giakouminaki, Olga
Giudici, Silvia Guest Researcher Billede af Giudici, Silvia
Glinski, Carola Associate Professor Environmental law, international and European law, sustainable supply chains and private governance Billede af Glinski, Carola
Godzimirska, Zuzanna Associate Professor International Law & Institutional Law Billede af Godzimirska, Zuzanna
Gonzalez-Mabbutt, Marisa Angelena Guest Researcher Billede af Gonzalez-Mabbutt, Marisa Angelena
Gottlieb, Katrine Westhausen Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Gottlieb, Katrine Westhausen
Gravholt, Anne Mosegaard PhD Fellow Billede af Gravholt, Anne Mosegaard
Gunnarsdóttir, Hrefna Dögg Research Assistant Billede af Gunnarsdóttir, Hrefna Dögg
Gunnarsdóttir, Hrefna Dögg PhD Student Billede af Gunnarsdóttir, Hrefna Dögg
Gøtze, Michael Head of Centre, Professor Administrative Law Billede af Gøtze, Michael
Haagensen, Nicholas Postdoc Billede af Haagensen, Nicholas
Hall, Catherine Guest Researcher Billede af Hall, Catherine
Hamer, Carina Risvig Professor Procurement Law, Public Contracts, Administrative Law and EU Law Billede af Hamer, Carina Risvig
Hansen, Christian Estmann PhD Fellow Development Economics; Econometrics; Inclusive Growth; Economic Complexity; Structural Transformation Billede af Hansen, Christian Estmann
Hansen, Jesper Lau Professor Billede af Hansen, Jesper Lau
Hansen, Ole Professor Contract law, construction law, energy contracts, private governance, digitalization, sustainability Billede af Hansen, Ole
Harder, Mette Marie Stæhr Postdoc Billede af Harder, Mette Marie Stæhr
Hartlev, Mette Professor Health Law, Bio Law - Head of Internationality Billede af Hartlev, Mette
Haugsted, Thomas PhD Student Billede af Haugsted, Thomas
Hayir, Fatmanur Banu Guest Researcher Billede af Hayir, Fatmanur Banu
Hayward, Keith John Professor Professor of Criminology Billede af Hayward, Keith John
Hegaard, Kristian Würtz Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Hegaard, Kristian Würtz
Hegaard, Kristian Würtz PhD Fellow Billede af Hegaard, Kristian Würtz
Heide-Jørgensen, Caroline Professor Billede af Heide-Jørgensen, Caroline
Herrmann, Janne Rothmar Professor Professor Billede af Herrmann, Janne Rothmar
Hjerrild, Niels Mikael PhD Student Billede af Hjerrild, Niels Mikael
Holtermann, Jakob v. H. Associate Professor Billede af Holtermann, Jakob v. H.
Hornskov, Christian Rützou PhD Fellow Billede af Hornskov, Christian Rützou
Hovden, Katarina Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Hovden, Katarina
Huber, Yasin Aladin PhD Fellow Billede af Huber, Yasin Aladin
Hvidt, Martine Stagelund Postdoc Billede af Hvidt, Martine Stagelund
Høgenhaug, Anna Murphy PhD Fellow Billede af Høgenhaug, Anna Murphy
Jacqueson, Catherine Professor Billede af Jacqueson, Catherine
Jarlner, Asta Sofie Stage PhD Fellow Billede af Jarlner, Asta Sofie Stage
Jensen, Mathilde Worch PhD Student Billede af Jensen, Mathilde Worch
Jiménez Laurence, Andrea PhD Fellow Billede af Jiménez Laurence, Andrea
Juliussen, Bjørn Aslak Guest Researcher Billede af Juliussen, Bjørn Aslak
Juul, Sidsel Engmann PhD Fellow Billede af Juul, Sidsel Engmann
Jørgensen, Anders PhD Fellow PhD fellow Billede af Jørgensen, Anders
Jørgensen, Stine Professor Billede af Jørgensen, Stine
Kania, Michal Andrzej Senior Researcher Public procurement law, Public-Private Partnership, Concession law, Contract Law, Arbitration and Mediation, PURPLE project Billede af Kania, Michal Andrzej
Ketscher, Kirsten Professor, Emerita Billede af Ketscher, Kirsten
Kianzad, Behrang External Researcher Billede af Kianzad, Behrang
Kjær, Anne Lise Associate Professor Billede af Kjær, Anne Lise
Klinge, Sune Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Constitutional Law, European Union Constitutional Law, European Union Law Billede af Klinge, Sune
Kloster, Pernille PhD Fellow Billede af Kloster, Pernille
Kollmar, Christy Lynne Guest Researcher Billede af Kollmar, Christy Lynne
Komárek, Jan Professor Professor Billede af Komárek, Jan
Kongsholm, Nana Cecilie Halmsted Guest Researcher Billede af Kongsholm, Nana Cecilie Halmsted
Kos, Ula Aleksandra PhD Fellow Billede af Kos, Ula Aleksandra
Kos, Ula Aleksandra PhD Student Billede af Kos, Ula Aleksandra
Kristiansen, Jens Professor Billede af Kristiansen, Jens
Krunke, Helle Head of Centre, Professor Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, European Union Constitutional Law, European Union Law Billede af Krunke, Helle
Kucuksu, Aysel Eybil Postdoc Billede af Kucuksu, Aysel Eybil
Kuner, Christopher Barth Affiliate Professor Billede af Kuner, Christopher Barth
Lam, Joanna Professor with special responsibilities Coordinator of SHIELD, International Economic Law and Dispute Resolution Billede af Lam, Joanna
Larouche, Guillaume PhD Fellow Billede af Larouche, Guillaume
Lebret, Audrey Associate Professor Postdoc Billede af Lebret, Audrey
Lev, Amnon Head of Centre, Associate Professor Billede af Lev, Amnon
Linde, Laura Rosa PhD Fellow Billede af Linde, Laura Rosa
Liu, Hin-Yan Associate Professor Billede af Liu, Hin-Yan
Lookofsky, Joseph Professor Emeritus Billede af Lookofsky, Joseph
Luckner, Katharina Research Assistant Billede af Luckner, Katharina
Lund-Andersen, Ingrid Professor, Emerita Billede af Lund-Andersen, Ingrid
Lundsgaard, Thorbjørn Waal PhD Fellow Billede af Lundsgaard, Thorbjørn Waal
Løvschall, Joey Heidelbach PhD Fellow Billede af Løvschall, Joey Heidelbach
MacLeod, Sorcha Associate Professor Billede af MacLeod, Sorcha
Madsen, Mikael Rask Head of Centre, Professor Legal profession, Internationalisation of law and human rights, international transformation of the state Billede af Madsen, Mikael Rask
Marchuk, Iryna Associate Professor International and Comparative Criminal Law, Transnational Financial Crimes, Immunities, State Responsibility Billede af Marchuk, Iryna
Markussen, Mikkel PhD Student Billede af Markussen, Mikkel
Martinez Romera, Beatriz Associate Professor Environmental law and climate change Billede af Martinez Romera, Beatriz
Mayoral Diaz-Asensio, Juan Antonio Guest Researcher Billede af Mayoral Diaz-Asensio, Juan Antonio
Mazibrada, Andrew PhD Fellow Human Rights and International Law Billede af Mazibrada, Andrew
Meng, Wendy PhD Student Tort law, contract law, civil procedure, procedural justice, public law perspectives in private law, digital platforms and liability Billede af Meng, Wendy
Minssen, Timo Head of Centre, Professor Intellectual Property and Competition Law with a focus on Biotech & Pharmaceuticals Billede af Minssen, Timo
Monjoin, Nathalie Roloff PhD Fellow Billede af Monjoin, Nathalie Roloff
Monti, Alessandro Assistant Professor Billede af Monti, Alessandro
Mortensen, Peter Professor Billede af Mortensen, Peter
Motzfeldt, Hanne Marie Professor Billede af Motzfeldt, Hanne Marie
Mouyal, Lone Wandahl Associate Professor Business law and sustainability, including sustainable finance Billede af Mouyal, Lone Wandahl
Muddamsetty, Satya Mahesh Guest Researcher Billede af Muddamsetty, Satya Mahesh
Muscaritoli, Federica PhD Fellow Public Procurement Law, Climate Change, Green public procurement, Constitutional Law, European Law, Environmental law, Urban Policies, SAPIENS Network Billede af Muscaritoli, Federica
Nanarova, Olga Guest Researcher Billede af Nanarova, Olga
Neergaard, Ulla Professor EU Law, EU Constitutional Law, Internal Market, European Legal Method and Theory, Solidarity and Social Dimension, Contemporary Challenges for the EU Billede af Neergaard, Ulla
Nielsen, Dan Stausholm Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Nielsen, Dan Stausholm
Nielsen, Dan Stausholm PhD Student Civil procedure law, EU-law, contract law, public interests in civil lawsuits between private actors Billede af Nielsen, Dan Stausholm
Nielsen, Kathrine Rosman Research Assistant Billede af Nielsen, Kathrine Rosman
Nielsen, Linda Professor Professor of global law and governance. Topics include Finance, Banking law and Investment, CSR, ICT, Biolaw, Family Law, Inheritance Law and Pension Billede af Nielsen, Linda
Nielsen, Maj Rørdam PhD Student Immigration and integration in a private/public law context, sociology of law, empirical legal research, qualitative and quantitative methodology Billede af Nielsen, Maj Rørdam
Nielsen, Rasmus Grønved Associate Professor Billede af Nielsen, Rasmus Grønved
Niemiec, Emilia Postdoc Billede af Niemiec, Emilia
Nordlander, Linnéa Assistant Professor Billede af Nordlander, Linnéa
Nyborg, Annemette Fallentin PhD Fellow Billede af Nyborg, Annemette Fallentin
Oidtmann, Raphael Guest Researcher Billede af Oidtmann, Raphael
Olesen, Karsten Naundrup Professor Law of Obligations, with focus on public sector marked activity Billede af Olesen, Karsten Naundrup
Olsen, Céline E J L Brassart Assistant Professor Billede af Olsen, Céline E J L Brassart
Olsen, Henrik Palmer Professor Professor in Jurisprudence Billede af Olsen, Henrik Palmer
Orlando-Salling, Jennifer PhD Fellow Billede af Orlando-Salling, Jennifer
Pagh, Peter Professor Billede af Pagh, Peter
Papis-Almansa, Marta Agnieszka Associate Professor Billede af Papis-Almansa, Marta Agnieszka
Pedersen, Anja Møller Postdoc Billede af Pedersen, Anja Møller
Pedersen, Frank Høgholm Associate Professor Assoc. Professor - Family Law and Law of Succession Billede af Pedersen, Frank Høgholm
Petersen, Clement Salung Professor Civil procedure, arbitration, mediation, complaints boards, ADR, private and public dispute resolution and enforcement Billede af Petersen, Clement Salung
Petersen, Hanne Professor, Emerita Billede af Petersen, Hanne
Pitarch, María Carro Guest Researcher Billede af Pitarch, María Carro
Poulsen, Pernille Holten PhD Student Billede af Poulsen, Pernille Holten
Poulsen, Pernille Holten Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Poulsen, Pernille Holten
Quinn, Elizabeth PhD Fellow Digital platforms, Fundamental rights, Law & Technology, Private enforcement Billede af Quinn, Elizabeth
Rasmussen, Karin Schwarz Revsbeck Postdoc Billede af Rasmussen, Karin Schwarz Revsbeck
Ravn, Salome Addo PhD Student Billede af Ravn, Salome Addo
Ravnholt, Trine PhD Fellow Billede af Ravnholt, Trine
Refsing, Katrine Bygholm Research Assistant Billede af Refsing, Katrine Bygholm
Richmond, Karen McGregor Postdoc Billede af Richmond, Karen McGregor
Riis, Nine PhD Fellow Data law, IT law, contract law, tort law, impact of technology regulation on private actors, law and technology, IT disputes, IT contract law Billede af Riis, Nine
Riis, Thomas Professor Billede af Riis, Thomas
Ritchie, Hamish George Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Ritchie, Hamish George
Ritchie, Hamish George PhD Fellow Energy law, contract law, private governance, public utilities, digital platform governance, environmental law, EU law and public service obligations Billede af Ritchie, Hamish George
Rosenmeier, Morten Professor Billede af Rosenmeier, Morten
Rytter, Jens Elo Professor Human Rights, Constitutional Law Billede af Rytter, Jens Elo
Saljic, Arnel Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Saljic, Arnel
Saljic, Arnel PhD Student Precontractual liability, culpa in contrahendo, tort law, contract law, procurement law Billede af Saljic, Arnel
Schack, Marc Associate Professor Billede af Schack, Marc
Schovsbo, Jens Hemmingsen Professor Billede af Schovsbo, Jens Hemmingsen
Schultz-Knudsen, Mikele Postdoc Billede af Schultz-Knudsen, Mikele
Schwemer, Sebastian Felix Head of Centre, Associate Professor Regulation of & by technology Billede af Schwemer, Sebastian Felix
Schäfer, Anders Associate Professor Billede af Schäfer, Anders
Sendroiu, Ioana Guest Researcher Billede af Sendroiu, Ioana
Sewak, Hersh PhD Fellow Billede af Sewak, Hersh
Shapiro, Amanda Lee PhD Student Billede af Shapiro, Amanda Lee
Sigura, Verda Research Assistant Billede af Sigura, Verda
Silvereke, Siri Postdoc Billede af Silvereke, Siri
Slavík, Matej Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Slavík, Matej
Slettevold, Andreas Heian Guest Researcher Billede af Slettevold, Andreas Heian
Slosser, Jacob Livingston Assistant Professor Billede af Slosser, Jacob Livingston
Smith, Eva Professor, Emerita Billede af Smith, Eva
Socha, Magdalena Maria PhD Student Billede af Socha, Magdalena Maria
Socha, Magdalena Maria PhD Fellow Billede af Socha, Magdalena Maria
Spano, Greta Guest Researcher Billede af Spano, Greta
Steenmans, Katrien Postdoc Private governance in circular supply chains, circular economy, waste law, extended producer responsibility, contract law Billede af Steenmans, Katrien
Stevnsborg, Henrik Professor Billede af Stevnsborg, Henrik
Stærfeldt, Leonora Kleppa PhD Fellow Billede af Stærfeldt, Leonora Kleppa
Suta, Ziva Guest Researcher Billede af Suta, Ziva
Szostak, Aleksander Guest Researcher Billede af Szostak, Aleksander
Tamm, Ditlev Professor Emeritus Billede af Tamm, Ditlev
Tanaka, Yoshifumi Professor Law of the sea, peaceful settlement of international disputes (including inter-State arbitration), International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (I... Billede af Tanaka, Yoshifumi
Taxhjelm, Frederik Rom PhD Fellow Billede af Taxhjelm, Frederik Rom
Teo, Sue Anne Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Teo, Sue Anne
Thranov, Asbjørn Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Thranov, Asbjørn
Thøgersen, Marie Enrolled PhD Student Billede af Thøgersen, Marie
Thøgersen, Marie PhD Fellow Billede af Thøgersen, Marie
Tobiassen, Tomas Midttun Guest Researcher Billede af Tobiassen, Tomas Midttun
Tufte-Kristensen, Johan Associate Professor Billede af Tufte-Kristensen, Johan
Udsen, Henrik Professor IT Law Billede af Udsen, Henrik
Ulfbeck, Vibe Garf Head of Centre, Professor Tort law, contract law, maritime- and transport law, private governance in circular supply chains, digital platforms and climate litigation Billede af Ulfbeck, Vibe Garf
Unmack, William Klindt PhD Fellow Billede af Unmack, William Klindt
Usynin, Maxim Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Comparative private law, maritime law, international investment law and arbitration, international commercial arbitration, digital platforms, Russi... Billede af Usynin, Maxim
Vairon, Mélanie Guest Researcher Billede af Vairon, Mélanie
Valkanou, Theodora PhD Student Billede af Valkanou, Theodora
Vallejo Garreton, Rodrigo Javier Marie Curie Fellow Business Law, Sustainable Finance, Capital Markets, Standardisation, Private Regulation, Economic Constitutionalism, Transnational Legal Theory Billede af Vallejo Garreton, Rodrigo Javier
Van Rompaey, Léonard Postdoc AI Law, Industrial Regulation, Compliance, Standardization; Philosophy of Law and AI Billede af Van Rompaey, Léonard
Vasquez Dazarola, Ricardo Andres PhD Fellow Billede af Vasquez Dazarola, Ricardo Andres
Vestergaard, Jørn Professor Emeritus Criminal law, international criminal law and procedure, EU criminal law Billede af Vestergaard, Jørn
Vindeløv, Vibeke Professor, Emerita Billede af Vindeløv, Vibeke
Waters, Lara Ann PhD Student Billede af Waters, Lara Ann
Weber, Viktor Postdoc Billede af Weber, Viktor
Wee, Camilla Louise Johnson PhD Student Billede af Wee, Camilla Louise Johnson
Wesenberg-Lund, Signe Guest Researcher Billede af Wesenberg-Lund, Signe
Wested, Jakob Industrial Postdoc Billede af Wested, Jakob
Whitta-Jacobsen, Mads Christopher PhD Fellow Billede af Whitta-Jacobsen, Mads Christopher
Wiesener, Cornelius Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Wiesener, Cornelius
Xiang, Wen Associate Professor Billede af Xiang, Wen
Yang, Jie PhD Student Billede af Yang, Jie
Zainula, Jianaer PhD Student Billede af Zainula, Jianaer
Ó Cathaoir, Katharina Associate Professor Health Law Billede af Ó Cathaoir, Katharina
Özdemir, Ceren Ertürk Guest Researcher Billede af Özdemir, Ceren Ertürk