Maria Edith Lindholm Gausdal

Maria Edith Lindholm Gausdal

PhD Student

Maria Edith Lindholm Gausdal is a Phd Fellow at the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen. Maria is conducting a research project on the integration of labour and labour related human rights clauses in respectively private and public commercial contracts. The primary purpose of the project is to explore legal differences and similarities of such labour related CSR-clauses in these two contractual settings in order to determine best contractual practices, to uncover the implications of such clauses as regulators including their potential impact on basic contractual concepts.

Current research areas

Contract law, private and public governance of human rights and fundamental labour conditions in commercial contracts, codes of conducts, sustainability clauses, the interface between contract law and public procurement law, CSR and contract law. 

Teaching and supervision

Torts and contract law, contract law, EU public procurement law.

ID: 182569185