CirCus webinars - Legal Landscape of Circular Supply Chains

The transition to the circular economy is high on the political agenda both nationally and in the EU. The CirCus webinars are anchored in the project: Circular Supply Chains – Identifying Legal Risks and Liabilities (CirCus), funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Circular supply chain management integrates the circular economy concept within the supply chain to facilitate sustainable production, consumption, and trade patterns to address critical issues of resource scarcity and huge amounts of generated waste.

Whereas circular economy issues have primarily been dealt with from a public law perspective,  private law needs to be equally at the forefront of discussions (Steenmans and Ulfbeck, 2023). Therefore, the goal of the project and the webinar series is to examine the spillover effects of public law regulation in private law, including contract law, general tort law, product liability, consumer law and other private law areas.

The webinar series will bring together project participants and external experts with knowledge of the legal implications of the transition to a circular economy. It will be clustered around different themes, starting out with the concept of extended producer responsibility, which places responsibility for the management of products on the producers of those products throughout their life cycle.

If you would like to give a presentation for the CirCus webinar series, please contact postdoc Katrien Steenmans at