CirCus Webinar - Planning for Circular Procurement in the Construction Sector


This seminar is part of the CirCus webinar series on the Legal Landscape of Circular Supply Chains. Dr Feja Lesniewska will be presenting on how planning laws and strategies can be used more effectively to support growth in circular procurement across the construction sector. In the presentation, Dr Lesniewska will draw on a number of case studies from Europe and the UK.


Bio of Dr Feja Lesniewska

Freja pic

Dr Feja Lesniewska is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Transitions and Environmental Law at the University of Surrey, UK, as well as affiliated with SOAS and UCL (also in the UK). Her research focuses on how laws, policy, regulations and standards, as well as digital technology, shape potential transitions to circular (bio)economies that are sustainable and just within planetary boundaries. In her current research, she is focusing on construction and forestry.

See Dr Lesniewska’s detailed research profile here.



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