SHOC – Shipping and Ocean Law Group

Shipping industry is an important sector of Danish economy. It is dependent on expertise in both shipping law (maritime law) and ocean law (international law of the sea), and related areas lying across public and private law dimensions.

The research group aims at providing corresponding expertise in these fields and addressing new challenges to the maritime sector, brought by digitalization, automation and the climate change crisis. 

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In pursuing its research agenda, the research group focuses on the following ongoing projects:

  • Green transition and the Law of Shipping (GreenLaSH)
    The project focuses on the regulatory initiatives at the international level (IMO) and EU level to reduce carbon emissions and analyses the consequences at industry level. The main focus is on contract and liability issues, relvant for various actors in the shipping industry, including shipowners, charterers, cargo owners and ports.

  • The project on ‘Maritime management, organization and liability’, in collaboration with the Maritime Centre at the University of Singapore. Besides issues of liability, the project also includes research contributions about management of automated ships, sustainable shipping and maritime dispute resolution. 

  • The Polar Law project, jointly developed in collaboration with some 50 international researchers. Its research focus combines perspectives from international law of the sea with maritime private governance perspectives.


























Name Title Image
Arda, Asli Assistant Professor Billede af Arda, Asli
Battistella Marinucci, Vincenzo PhD Fellow Billede af Battistella Marinucci, Vincenzo
Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas Professor Billede af Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas
Gausdal, Maria Edith Lindholm Assistant Professor Billede af Gausdal, Maria Edith Lindholm
Glinski, Carola Associate Professor Billede af Glinski, Carola
Tanaka, Yoshifumi Professor Billede af Tanaka, Yoshifumi
Ulfbeck, Vibe Garf Head of Centre, Professor Billede af Ulfbeck, Vibe Garf
Usynin, Maxim Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Usynin, Maxim


Vibe Garf UlfbeckHead of centre Professor, Doctor of Laws, LLD
Vibe Garf Ulfbeck

Faculty of Law
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