Staff at CEPRI - Centre for Private Governance

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Adamo, Silvia Associate Professor Immigration law, integration law, citizenship law, immigration and integration in a private/public law context, EU law, legal philosophy Billede af Adamo, Silvia
Andersen, Marlene Louise Buch Assistant Professor Insurance Law & Labour Law Billede af Andersen, Marlene Louise Buch
Andhov, Alexandra Associate Professor Corporate law Billede af Andhov, Alexandra
Andhov, Marta Associate Professor Public Procurement law, governmental contracts, sustainability Billede af Andhov, Marta
Arda, Asli Postdoc Billede af Arda, Asli
Blemus, Stéphane Postdoc Billede af Blemus, Stéphane
Bottero, Matteo Postdoc Billede af Bottero, Matteo
Cavaleri, Sylvie Cécile Associate Professor International contract law, construction law Billede af Cavaleri, Sylvie Cécile
Falk-Scheibel, Nicolaus PhD Student Construction law, digitalization, contract law, long term contracts, contractual networks, collaborative contracts Billede af Falk-Scheibel, Nicolaus
Friis, Emilie Katrine PhD Student Billede af Friis, Emilie Katrine
Gausdal, Maria Edith Lindholm Postdoc Billede af Gausdal, Maria Edith Lindholm
Glinski, Carola Associate Professor Billede af Glinski, Carola
Hansen, Ole Professor Contract law, long term contracts, construction contracts, energy contracts, public law perspectives in private law, digitalization, sustainable an... Billede af Hansen, Ole
MacLeod, Sorcha Marie Curie Fellow Associate professor Billede af MacLeod, Sorcha
Meng, Wendy PhD Student Tort law, contract law, civil procedure, procedural justice, public law perspectives in private law, digital platforms and liability Billede af Meng, Wendy
Mikulic, Sven Student FU Billede af Mikulic, Sven
Muscaritoli, Federica PhD Student Billede af Muscaritoli, Federica
Nielsen, Dan Stausholm PhD Student Billede af Nielsen, Dan Stausholm
Nielsen, Maj Rørdam PhD Student Immigration and integration in a private/public law context, sociology of law, empirical legal research, qualitative and quantitative methodology Billede af Nielsen, Maj Rørdam
Petersen, Clement Salung Professor Civil procedure, alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation, complaints boards, online dispute resolution, notice-and-action procedures... Billede af Petersen, Clement Salung
Riis, Nine PhD Fellow Billede af Riis, Nine
Ritchie, Hamish George PhD Fellow Billede af Ritchie, Hamish George
Tanaka, Yoshifumi Professor Law of the sea, peaceful settlement of international disputes (including inter-State arbitration), International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (I... Billede af Tanaka, Yoshifumi
Ulfbeck, Vibe Garf Head of Centre, Professor Tort law, contract law, transport law, maritime law, public law perspectives in private law, sustainable and circular supply chains, digital platfo... Billede af Ulfbeck, Vibe Garf
Usynin, Maxim Postdoc Comparative private law, maritime law, international investment law and arbitration, international commercial arbitration, digital platforms, Russi... Billede af Usynin, Maxim
Van Rompaey, Léonard Industrial Postdoc Billede af Van Rompaey, Léonard
van der Donk, Berdien B E PhD Student Billede af van der Donk, Berdien B E