CirCus Webinar - Ecodesign and the new EU Sustainable Products Policy Initiative


This seminar is the inaugural webinar talk for the CirCus webinar series on the Legal Landscape of Circular Supply Chains. It covers a critical area of law for promoting sustainable products: the European Union’s proposed Sustainable Products Initiative, which will revise the Ecodesign Directive and propose additional legislative measures to make products placed on the EU market more sustainable.


Bio of Prof. Rosalind Malcolm

Rosalind Malcom

Prof. Rosalind Malcolm is Professor of Law and the Director of the Environmental Regulatory Research Group (ERRG) at the School of Law, University of Surrey, UK. She is an environmental lawyer looking at the ways in which law can be used to protect the environment. Recently, Prof. Malcolm has been working on the ‘wicked problem of polluting waste from plastics and how a circular economy might help to stop the problem of waste. She is investigating laws around the eco-design of products and how they can be implemented to stop the production of waste and pollution. Her research examines the whole governance framework for environmental law including not just legislation but policy, implementation, enforcement, and compliance as well as the impact of property rights.

Prof Malcolm is also an associate member of the Centre for Environmental strategy at the University of Surrey and also practices as a barrister from Guilford Chambers, UK.

See Prof. Malcolm’s detailed research profile here.


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