La Constitución de Querétaro. Revolución y Constitución, aspectos originales y sugestivos desde la perspectiva del derecho constitucional comparado.

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  • Abat 2017

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  • Antoni Abat Ninet
In order to participate in the centennial celebration of the Constitution of Queretaro this article analyzes the relationship between the concepts of constitution and revolution with special emphasis to the Mexican particular case. For this, some historical analysis is introduced to contextualize the constitution and the role of ending point and starting point that has played in the Mexican revolutionary process. The essay continues with a more detailed analysis of the g revolutionary elements incorporated or consolidated by the Constitution of 1917, particularly the social-labor constitutionalism, the recovery of national sovereignty and the Mexican republican laicism. The next point consists in the analysis from the perspective and methodology of comparative constitutional law of some Mexican constitutional element that have not had the attention they seem to merit for its innovative character and deepening of democratic principles. Finally, the article ends with a conclusion where some of the issues discussed previously are reviewed and with an invitation to the Mexican people to continue drawing the idyll between its constitution and its revolution.
TidsskriftCuestiones constitucionales, Revista Mexicana de Derecho Constitucional
Udgave nummer36
Sider (fra-til)271-299
Antal sider29
StatusUdgivet - 2 jan. 2017

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