Teaching and Supervision

There is a need for hard-core lawyers for specialist functions, and there is a need for lawyers who can think outside the box, put legal knowledge into perspective and have an independent and critical approach."

-“Aftagerpanelet”, panel of employers

iCourts is the only Center of Excellence within legal science in Denmark. Our direct research object is international courts, which we study from a wide range of professional angles focusing on their new role in a global world order. More broadly, iCourts studies international law and its role in the contemporary world.

We have a curious, ambitious and problem-driven approach to legal research. We strive to put the law in perspective, and to promote international outlook in an interdisciplinary environment.

The center has some of the country’s leading researchers who have specialized knowledge and teaching- and supervision competences in a wide range of topics including but not limited to:

  • EU Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • International Business Law and Arbitration
  • International Courts
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Law        
  • Law and Data Science
  • Law and Economics
  • Law and Politics/Political Science
  • Legal Linguistics and Legal Rhetoric
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Sociology of Law

Courses directed and taught by iCourts researchers

iCourts researchers direct and teach a large number of courses on a wide variety of topics which all deal with contemporary issues related to understanding international law and courts in a globalized world. iCourts courses explore both doctrinal and interdisciplinary approaches and employ cutting-edge research methods to the study of law and courts.

For an updated list of present and upcoming courses directed and taught by iCourts researchers, please click here (if link does not work, go to courses.ku.dk and write “iCourts” in the search word box for an updated list of iCourts courses).

For a list of courses previously directed and taught by iCourts Researchers, see description of the iCourts Excellence Programme.

Supervision of BA and MA theses

The researchers at iCourts are ready to supervise in a wide range of BA and MA theses. You can find examples of possible research topics here.

iCourts Excellence Programme (iEP) - International Law and Courts in a Global World

iEP is a new program at the law faculty’s MA programme. The iEP introduces key approaches to the understanding of international law and its role in the contemporary world. Students who sign up for the iEP become iCourts Student Fellows and will get a unique opportunity to become part of the research environment of iCourts. The iEP is open to all Danish and foreign MA students at the Faculty. Read more about the programme.