Visiting programme

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We strongly encourage researchers – from PhD-students to tenured Professors – to visit iCourts and share their knowledge with us. All visitors who are willing and able to contribute to iCourts research are welcome to visit us and participate in our research seminars and other activities. Contributions may consist of published articles that credit iCourts, data-sharing, contribution to analysis, co-authorship with permanent iCourts staff, printed interviews with relevant people (e.g. historically important judges; advocates, scholars etc), and other relevant documentation. We will as far as possible try to accommodate for access to office space and library facilities.

 iCourts handle applications on an ad hoc basis, and offer the possibility of applying for research visits up to 1 year. All incoming applications will be evaluated after April 1st, and October 1st each year. 

Unfortunately, we cannot help you to find accommodation, however we have a list of links to help you to look for housing.

We expect our visitors (when approved) to give a presentation at our weekly Lunch seminar (one hour) during your stay. The seminar will typically take place shortly after arrival. In this connection you will be asked to deliver a title and a short abstract of your talk, as well as a photo.

Also, we require that you enclose a short introduction of yourself and why you want to visit iCourts. This text will be published at our Web News. 

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