Methodological Training

In cooperation with the PhD school and the Jurforsk - Danish legal research education programme, iCourts organizes methodological workshops, which provide basic and advanced instructions in a wide range of methodologies and techniques of empirical legal research. The workshops emphasize the integration of both quantitative and qualitative methodological strategies with the theoretical and practical concerns that arise in research on substantive legal issues. Apart from the internal workshops organized internally (“Empirical Research Methods in Law” by Juan A. Mayoral & Urska Sadl, 2015;  “Qualitative Research Methods in Legal Studies” by Aaro Tupasela, Juan A. Mayoral & Mikkel Jarle Christiansen), some workshops are given by faculty from other institutions:

  • “Corpus Tools in Legal and Social Science Research” by Amanda Potts (Lancaster University)

  • “Choosing and Changing Methodologies” by Karen McAuliffe (University of Exeter)

  • “Argument extraction and Advanced Corpus Techniques” by Wim Peters (University of Sheffield) & Alex Trklja (University of Birmingham)

  • “The use of Social Media for the study of International Courts” by Pablo Barberá (NYU):

iCourts also co-organizes workshops offering young researchers possibilities to present their work-in-progress and discuss with their peers from other centres. Recent examples include:

  • a high-level seminar “Methods of Human Rights Law Research” co-organized with the University of Iceland Human Rights Institute, on 26-27 May 2015 in Reykjavik

  • an iCourts/PluriCourts Workshop for PhD students and Postdocs co-organized with PluriCourts, University of Oslo on 9-10 February 2017 in Lysebu