Informed Consent in the Nordic Countries

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The Nordic countries are known as welfare states and as strong promoters of human rights. This is reflected in the protection of patients’ rights in separate legislative acts or chapters in all Nordic countries. The right to self-determination has a prominent position, but the character and justiciability of patients’ rights vary from country to country. For example, there are differences in the legal schemes for children and vulnerable adults, and also as regards coercive somatic treatment and self-determination in reproductive issues. Patients’ right to self-determination must be balanced against the interests of other persons, such as genetic relations. As welfare states, the Nordic countries also strive to achieve a balance between individual rights and the collective interests of society. This balance has become increasingly important in the era of personalized medicine, when new ways of reconciling individual autonomy and solidarity may be needed.
TitelInformed Consent and Health : A Global Analysis
RedaktørerThierry Vansweevelt, Nicola Glover-Thomas
Antal sider20
ForlagEdward Arnold Publishers
ISBN (Trykt) 9781788973410
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781788973427
StatusUdgivet - 2020
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