The Genetic Discrimination Observatory: Confronting Novel Issues in Genetic Discrimination

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  • Yann Joly
  • Katherine Huerne
  • Mykhailo Arych
  • Yvonne Bombard
  • Edward Dove
  • Palmira Granados Moreno
  • Chih-hsing Ho
  • Ine Van Hoyweghen
  • Hannah Kim
  • Lebret, Audrey
  • Minssen, Timo
  • Ó Cathaoir, Katharina
  • Anya Prince
  • Margret Otlowski
  • Michael S Pepper
  • Rob Sladek
  • Lingqiao Song
  • Torsten Voight
  • Ma’n H Zawati
  • Gratien Dalpe
Genetic discrimination can be defined as the differential, negative, treatment or unfair profiling of an individual based on presumed or actual genetic characteristics or on omics data. In the face of rapidly developing omics and data-driven technologies, coordinated actions need to be undertaken by stakeholders to document and address adverse consequences of technical advances and the genetic revolution. This article aims to inform the community about an international organization developed to address genetic discrimination, the Genetic Discrimination Observatory (GDO), and developments that have occurred since its international launch in late 2020. These developments indicate that genetic discrimination can take many forms and happen in multiple contexts in today’s rapidly evolving scientific and social environment. The need for an international organisation such as the GDO to inform the community and respond to these developments becomes crucial in this context.
TidsskriftTrends in Genetics
Udgave nummer11
Sider (fra-til)951-954
StatusUdgivet - 6 sep. 2021

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