Perspectives on Limitations to Patentability- Report No. I of a Webinar Series on Reinterpreting TRIPS in the Life Sciences

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This report is based on the material and input that was presented and discussed at the webinar with the title: “Perspectives on limitations to patentability”. The Webinar and the theme where introduced by Prof. Timo Minssen. Then Prof. Nari Lee gave a presentation introducing some of the context and considerations related to TRIPS art 27 and the concept of technological neutrality. This was followed by Dr. Mike Snodin presentation on some central points and arguments from his recent article considering the so-called “Correa Guidelines” and their compatibility with the obligations enshrined in TRIPS art 27. After the introduction and the two presentations, the open discussion turned to questions, comments and considerations of related issues such as the need for alternative incentives, purpose bound product protection, user driven solutions and post-grant instruments.

Suggested citation: Wested, Jakob and Minssen, Timo, Trips and the Life Sciences - Perspectives on Limitations to Patentability (June 15, 2017). Available at SSRN:
Publikationsdato16 jun. 2017
StatusUdgivet - 16 jun. 2017

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