Certification of the Sustainability of Biofuels in Global Supply Chains

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The promotion of biofuels in the EU aims at the substitution of fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon emissions. Therefore, the Renewable Energies Directive 2009/28/EC obliges EU Member States to make sure that until 2020 in transport at least 10% of the final energy consumption is derived from renewable sources or that at least a 6% greenhouse gas emission reduction is achieved. In order to safeguard that the production of biomass does not result in negative impacts on greenhouse gas stocks or on biodiversity the promotion of biofuels and bioliquids is accompanied by sustainability requirements. As the majority of biomass for biofuels is produced in the ‘Global South’ with often low regulatory and enforcement capacity, compliance with the sustainability requirements shall be ensured through a complex certification set-up based upon private certification systems and private certification bodies which thereby replace, to a certain extent, the regulatory and administrative role of the state. This chapter analyses that system of control and its weaknesses with regard to the sustainable production of biofuels.
TitelCertification – Trust, Accountability, Liability
RedaktørerPeter Rott
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ISBN (Trykt)9783030024987
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
NavnStudies in European Economic Law and Regulation

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