23 November 2022

MA course “International Investment Law and Sustainability”

We invite you to join Joanna Lam and Hersh Sewak in the spring semester 2023 for the course on International Investment Law and Sustainability. Course registration is open now.

You will find the details of the course International Investment Law and Sustainability in University of Copenhagen - Courses

The questions of environmental protection, community rights and the rights of the State to safeguard public interest are increasingly present in the law regulating international investments. We discuss these ideas in this short video:

You may also visit the main page for SHIELD and view the video under Courses at SHIELD – Study Hub for International Economic Law and Development.

The course presents origins and evolution of International Investment Law through a discussion of its key principles, including Fair and Equitable Treatment, National Treatment and Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanism. It examines the corpus of existing case law and brings together insights from the debates of the last decade about the role of environmental protection and regulatory powers of the State. The course would cover the debates of setting up a socially accountable public dispute resolution mechanism; the scope of regulatory powers of the State; the new generation of investment agreements including SDGs-oriented provisions; and discussion of Denmark’s and EU’s new standards on Investment Screening.