About The Sustainability Hub

Within the EU and at the national level it has become a declared and broadly supported political agenda to transform our societies into climate neutral economies within a very short period. The needed transmission into sustainable and circular production will in the short term be very costly and it raises immense economic, technical, social and legal challenges. It is generally recognized, that a successful green  transision will depend upon the possibility to align political goals and business interests and to rapidly increase competences and innovation e.g. by way of pooling and sharing of knowledge. The Faculty of Law gives priority to teaching and research on sustainability and the green transition.

Organising team
Vibe Garf Ulfbeck

Professor Vibe Ulfbeck (Co-ordinator)

E-mail: Vibe.Ulfbeck@jur.ku.dk

Beatriz Martinez Romera

Associate professor Beatriz Martinez Romera

 E-mail: beatriz.martinez.romera@jur.ku.dk

Assistant professor, tenure track Sune Klinge

E-mail: sune.klinge@jur.ku.dk

Maria Edith Lindholm Gausdal

Research assistant Maria Edith Lindholm Gausdal (Team Supporter)

E-mail: maria.edith.lindholm.gausdal@jur.ku.dk

Linnéa Nordlander

Postdoc Linnéa Nordlander (Team Supporter)

E-mail: linnea.nordlander@jur.ku.dk