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International Jurisprudence

The autonomization group of iCourts’ empirical focus is the jurisprudence of international courts, why a major part of the groups research relies on the possibility of retrieving and cross-examining decisions issued by international courts.

The group continuously works on optimizing the dataset, and plans on making a number of different tools publicly available in the course of iCourts’ work. We have made a collection of links that might prove useful for students, researchers or judges in search of international jurisprudence. Should you have any comments or tips to where we could find more, please let us know.

General Datasets:

World Courts provides a general overview in a searchable format on 28 international courts and tribunals from all over the world.
International Courts and Tribunals Collection is an open database with decisions in a searchable format from 40 entities (some institutions divided into time periods)

We also recommend visiting the Project on International Courts and Tribunal (PICT) Website and as well as their African International Courts and Tribunals (AICT) Website which grants overview and has links to jurisprudence from a number of the Courts.

Specific Entries to International Courts (Alphabetic by Court)

Andean Tribunal of Justice (Tribunal de Justicia de la Comunidad Andina) The Court’s own webportal with possibility of searching across judgements. link
African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights Link to the Court’s own webpage with a few judgements link
Benelux Gerechtshof Link to the Court’s webpage, limited search possibilities. Courts website
Instance Judiciaire of the Arab Maghreb Union Little public information is available on this court. -
Central American Court of Justice The Court’s decisions are available on the webpage, however the Court provides no possibility of searching across decisions. Courts website
Caribbean Court of Justice The Court’s decisions are available on the webpage, however the Court provides no possibility of searching across decisions, only in the summaries of decisions. Original jurisdiction judgments Appellate jurisdiction judgements
Central African Economic and Monetary Community Court of Justice Little public information is available on this court. -
Court of Justice of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Again very little information is made available, World Courts have 7 documents from the court.

World Courts (updated 2003 - 7 documents)

World LII database (latest document 2003, updated 2004)

East African Community Court of Justice The Court’s webpage offers no search possibility, but contains decisions. World Courts has such possibility (updated in 2011) and so does WorldLll (updated August 2011) Courts website
World Courts entry
Economic Court of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Court of the Eurasian Economic Community The Court’s webpage offers no possibility of free text search and is in Russian. Courts website
European Court of Human Rights The European Court of Human Right’s search system, HUDOC, offers advanced possibilities of both free text and thematic searches. HUDDOC
European Union’s Court of Justice Similarly the EU information system InfoCuria offers a number of different search possibilities. InfoCuria
Economic Community of West African States Court of Justice World Courts have 6 decisions issued by the court available (latest December 2010) World Courts entry
European Free Trade Association Court The Courts webpage contains all decisions in a searchable format. Courts website
IACtHR - Inter-American Court of Human Right The Courts webpage contains judgments in pdf. World Courts have made a spreadsheet with judgments available (updated November 2011). Courts website
Worlds courts spreedsheet
International Criminal Court Decisions available on the Court’s webpage.

The International Criminal Law Database & Commentary also seems to be a handy tool in searches cross-cutting international criminal law.

Courts website
World Courts entry
ICL Database & Commentary
International Court of Justice Links to the Court’s own webpage and to World Courts Digest issued by the Max Planck Institute. Courts website
The Criminal Tribunals Links to a number of databases providing search-possibilities in the jurisprudence of the criminal tribunals. 1. Database
2. Database
3. Database
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea Link to World Courts, providing a search possibility and to ITLOS own webpage. World Courts entry
Courts list of cases (not searchable)
Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) The Link is to the Court’s webpage listing judgments. The general search possibility seems to encompass judgments as well. Courts website
Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries Judicial Tribunal Little public information is available on this court.
Organization for the Harmonization of Corporate Law in Africa Common Court of Justice and Arbitration The OHADA webpage provides ample possibilities of searching in legal documents relevant to the OHADA framework. OHADA website
Southern African Development Community Tribunal World Courts (23 decisions, updated Dec 2010)
WorldLii (16 decision, updated July 2010)
Special Court for Sierra Leone Access to the decisions of the court requires authorisation from the court. Court website
West African Economic and Monetary Union Court of Justice OHADA website
World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Mechanism All decisions available on the WTO webpage. Unfortunately the site is a bit difficult to browse through, why the worldtradelaw database might be useful. WTO website (no free text search)
worldtradelaw (updated June 2011)