Legal Tech Lab: Law, Innovation & Technology

Welcome, we are an interdisciplinary team based at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, working on the intersection of law, technology & innovation.

We understand Legal Tech as:

  • technology that assist in solving legal problems available to end users and legal professionals

The idea behind legal tech is not just about technology, but also how we think about problems and solutions. Innovative mindset is the key to future development in legal and compliance industry. It is our aim to create a space, where the thought experiments are embraced and entrepreneurial spirit supported.

There are many legal, regulatory, security and ethical questions directly connected to new technologies and as scholars, it is our task to address these issues, find answers and suggest solutions. Technology impacts how law is made, practiced  and enforced. The potential value of the technology to the profession and the legal system dramatically increases and it is our mission to understand how the technology is changing the profession and the relationships within.


Understand and research “Legal Tech” and its effects on legal profession and relationships Innovate and develop new solutions by using technology that help our communities with their legal concerns Train law students and professionals in ethical use and application of Legal Tech

What we do:

Legal Tech Lab is an interdisciplinary, inclusive and experimental space for everyone who is interested in technology that affects legal operations and decision-making processes. We create an entrepreneurial and collaborative space for understanding, researching and using legal tech. 

Current Projects:

  • Legal Tech Conference: Technology, Innovation and Trust on 12 & 13 September 2019
  • Blockchain for Corporation and Corporate Governance
  • Technology for Empowering Shareholders


Assistant Professor Alexandra Andhov