FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group

The purpose of FIRE – Research Group for Fiscal Relations is to contribute nationally as well as internationally to further the development of research and education within direct and indirect tax law including actively to serve as the link between law students, researchers, public institutions and the business community with the aim to strengthen the scientific and educational environment within direct and indirect tax law.

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Name Title Image
Elgaard, Karina Kim Egholm Associate Professor Billede af Elgaard, Karina Kim Egholm
Feldthusen, Rasmus Kristian Professor Billede af Feldthusen, Rasmus Kristian
Nielsen, Jacob Graff Dean Billede af Nielsen, Jacob Graff
Pedersen, Frank Høgholm Associate Professor Billede af Pedersen, Frank Høgholm
Wesenberg-Lund, Signe Guest Researcher Billede af Wesenberg-Lund, Signe


Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard

Associate Professor
Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard (currently on leave)


FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group
Faculty of Law
University of Copenhagen
South Campus, Building: 5C.2.16
Karen Blixens Plads 16
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

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