Tech&Law Breakfast: Blame it on the robot (April 2019)

Visiting researcher Paula Casadesus presents "Blame it on the robot: rethinking liability rules for robot harms"

Paula Casadesus is a visiting researcher at the CILCC center, and is originally carrying out her research at the University of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca (Spain). Her research focuses on the liability for the damages caused by robots. She tries to identify where the applicable law might fail to regulate robots’ harmful actions and the difficulties and challenges of establishing a new legal framework that fits the unique characteristics of AI machines.

In this presentation, Paula will firstly analyze the concept of “smart autonomous robots”. Secondly, She will talk about the applicable law and will explain some of the challenges it may face when it comes to regulating robots and the damages they may cause. Finally, she will shortly address other proposals that have been made in order to deal with the liability issues these robots may raise.


For participation in the lecture please use this registration form no later than 2 April 2019 , 23:59.