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The Digitalisation Hub of the Faculty of Law

As part of its digitalisation efforts, the Faculty of Law has set up a digitalisation hub to coordinate research and educational initiatives stemming from digitalisation in a broad sense. The hub will also contribute to the development and initiation of new research and educational initiatives concerning digitalisation both at the faculty and in cooperation with external parties.

Furthermore, the hub will serve as a platform to clarify and communicate the faculty's work on digitalisation in society. The hub also serves as the faculty's contact point for external partners.

The digitalisation hub is led by Professor Henrik Udsen


The digitalisation of society and technological development continually raises legal challenges. In line with the spread of digitalisation, this occurs in all areas of law, and at the Faculty of Law research is carried out on all aspects of the relationship between digitalisation and law. Read more about some of the research projects currently being worked on here.

Study programmes

Study programmes for the future
Digitalisation makes new and changing demands on the legal profession and the skills of lawyers. The Faculty of Law has initiated work to identify the need for, and development of, new courses, study programmes and continuing education programmes related to jurisprudence, digitalisation and new technology. The work will take place in close dialogue with the employers’ of the faculty’s graduates and other external stakeholders.

The study programmes at the Faculty of Law contain a number of courses dealing with the relationship between law and digitalisation. Read more about them her:

Legal Tech

Software robots and other digital solutions that can carry out legal tasks are becoming increasingly important, and will affect both the legal profession, legal education and legal research. A legal tech group has been established at the Faculty of Law that works with these issues. It is our wish to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and IT professionals who work with legal tech. Read more about the group here. Contact: Assistant professor Alexandra Andhov.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise our society. The legal and neighbouring ethical issues related to the use of artificial intelligence are many and they are the subject of a number of research projects at the Faculty of Law. A number of faculty researchers have established a research group on artificial intelligence. Read more about the group here.


Past events


If you have questions about the digitalisation hub, you are welcome to contact the head of the hub, Professor Henrik Udsen

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