Staff at Study Services – University of Copenhagen

Staff at Study Services

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Alanne, Helene LindholmProgramme secretary  +45 353-23327E-mail
Andersen, Helle Bøjle StraubeAdministrative officer  +45 353-31301E-mail
Angantyr, Sanne AnkerProgramme secretary Tings- og kreditorret, Obligationsret, Civilprocesret +45 353-23111E-mail
Arif, Gulsana Mahida AngbeenStudent  +45 353-35345E-mail
Bavnbæk, TinaAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-34248E-mail
Borg, Tina FuttrupSenior adviser Coordinator, Team Teaching and Learning, project leader, further and continuing education +45 353-23523E-mail
Bruhn, Emil LünellStudent  +45 353-31888E-mail
Bæth, Charlotte HamiltonAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-37856E-mail
Dahl, Birgitte AarupProgramme secretary  +45 353-23891E-mail
Darre, BrittaInvigilator   
Delfs, MetteProgramme secretary Secretary for Law System and Legal Method, Legal History, Legal Philosophy +45 353-23323E-mail
Diamant, Marie-Louise WeibellClerical officer  +45 353-21834E-mail
Ebbesen, LeneBilingual Secretary  +45 353-23516E-mail
Eriksen, Louise ElstrømClerical officer Servicing enquiries from law students and others in the Student Counseling Centre +45 353-37347E-mail
Flygare, Elsebeth FlensstedInvigilator   
Flygare, SørenInvigilator   
Geiger, Tinne TroelsenDirector of Education Services  +45 353-23560E-mail
Greve, JennyClerical officer Servicing enquiries from law students and others in the Student Counseling Centre +45 353-32963E-mail
Hansen, Berit HøjbjergAdministrative officer  +45 353-36878E-mail
Henriksen, PerInvigilator   
Jensen, Camilla TangCommunications officer Internal communication +45 353-31193E-mail
Jørgensen, Karen RiskærStudy and career councellor Study and career guidance for law students +45 353-23341E-mail
Kenborg, NinaAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-20592E-mail
Kornum, GitteAcademic administrative officer Quality assurance and evaluation of study programmes +45 353-24095E-mail
Mertz, PeterAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-33651E-mail
Miaari, MonaClerical officer  +45 353-28283E-mail
Nielsen, HenrietteClerical officer  +45 353-21354E-mail
Olsen, Nadia ReghenzaniStudent  +45 353-26903E-mail
Olsén, Carina MunckAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-32775E-mail
Ovesen, Astrid DybdahlTeam manager  +45 353-34430E-mail
Ovesen, Astrid DybdahlTeam manager  +45 353-34430E-mail
Pedersen, Nina StenvangAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-23557E-mail
Petterson, Kristine RavnClerical officer  +45 353-20709E-mail
Pilgaard, Martin HejlClerical officer  +45 353-23302E-mail
Poulsen, Astrid Kirstine GeertzSenior adviser  +45 353-34713E-mail
Qviste, IngeProgramme secretary Secretary for Constitutionel law and European Union law +45 353-23182E-mail
Randel, StineStudy and career councellor  +45 353-31914E-mail
Ranfelt, Lene WendelClerical officer  +45 353-23508E-mail
Rasmussen, Katrina GilliesAcademic Officer  +45 353-34946E-mail
Roorda, Samantha Afke TøtAdministrative officer  +45 353-24070E-mail
Rygaard, Lotte ThorballInvigilator   
Saporito, Mette BangStudy and career councellor  +45 353-21406E-mail
Schleiss, Karen DivinagraciaInvigilator   
Serritzlew, Mikkel EngelhardtStudent  +45 353-24915E-mail
Shubbar, Mortada NasirStudent  +45 353-36203E-mail
Skavin, Henriette HansenClerical officer  +45 353-26996E-mail
Skovsende, JeannetteClerical officer  +45 353-23753E-mail
Steenberg, JohnInvigilator   
Vanman, Ole IvarIT consultant Absalon support, information security, video production +45 353-24052E-mail
Vestergaard, HelleInvigilator   
Walther, Mette MarieClerical officer  +45 353-36282E-mail
Warburg, Helle RønneSenior advisor Team coordinator Team Study Sontact +45 353-25215E-mail