Research Services

Research Services support all faculty staff in relation to:

  • finances;
  • holding meetings, workshops and conferences;
  • external research funding;
  • administrative tasks in the research centres;
  • administration of rooms and computer equipment.

Research Services also support the faculty's strategic management and objectives, e.g. through the preparation of management information and administrative support of the faculty management in financial and strategic matters. 

Research Services also collaborates with the faculty's external suppliers.

Tasks, organization and management

Research Services is managed by Head of Research Services Lykke Sennels-Andersen

Research Services consists of 3 teams with the following tasks:

Team Research Support & Events 

  • Support of centre related events
  • Reception of new academic staff members
  • Support of research centres
  • Support of Microsoft Office package
  • RejsUd and IndFak (help to self-help)
  • Assistance in connection with booking travel and general meeting activity
  • Budget follow-up to a limited extent
  • PhD Defense in collaboration with the PhD School
  • Visiting programs
  • Support for major, international meetings, workshops and conferences
  • The People's Democratic Festival
  • Research support in relation to applications for event funding

Team Funding & Finance 

  • Financial management of the faculty's internal and external grants
  • Targeted and qualified support in relation to applications for external funding for research
  • Overview of and support in relation to funding opportunities
  • Business intelligence and analytical information in relation to the faculty’s economy incl. external funding
  • Support related to grant reception, including contract negotiation and set-up of project in the KU’s administrative systems.
  • Grant management: Advice and administrative support for external grant including ongoing follow-up on finances, financial reporting and project settlement
  • Handling of Purchases and travel cards (rejsekort) for public transport
  • Support in relation to settling of travel- and other expenses
  • Handling of student assistants’ time sheets

Team Relations, Data Management & Continuing and Professional Education 

  • Management Information and Support
  • Development, marketing and evaluation of Continuing and Professional Education
  • Project Management of Strategic Projects
  • Buildings (rooms, transfers and physical study environment)
  • On-/off-boarding
  • Visiting Researcher Programme
  • GDPR
  • Data Management and Ethics in Research Projects
  • Secretary of Academic Council, Search Committee, LISU, and JUR-FORSK
  • Applications for Research Prizes etc.
  • Workplace Risk Assessment (WPA)
  • ScanPas and WorkZone
  • Registration of holidays and absence
  • Relations to external collaborators
  • Purchasing and registration of IT and inventory