Staff at Research Services

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Anker, Line   
Bæk-Nielsen, Ida-MarieMessenger   E-mail
Christiansen, Thomas HaaningSenior adviser Building and office administration, Secretary for Academic Council, Member of Canteen Committee, Election Ambassador, Responsible for physical study environment +45 353-23526E-mail
Damkjær, Tina WejlgaardSenior advisor ScanPas, Holiday and illness registration, Archive +45 353-23150E-mail
Danekilde, ChristianService staff member IT and office furniture - office space +45 353-32213E-mail
Jacobsen, BirgitClerical officer  +45 353-24125E-mail
Jacobsen, Julie AakjærFinance officer  +45 353-20084E-mail
Johansen, Malene VinbergAcademic administrative officer Funding & Events +45 353-33911E-mail
Jørgensen, Anne MetteFinance officer  +45 353-37849E-mail
Jørgensen, Louise DevaldStudent  +45 353-33394E-mail
Keiding, JohanneSenior Executive Consultant  +45 353-35145E-mail
Khan, Sharon O'CarrollResearch secretary Research Secretary CEVIA and CIIR +45 353-32469E-mail
Kjærulff, Michelle GoncalvesOffice trainee Eventcoordinator trainee +45 353-31134E-mail
Lotz, MariaProject manager Funding & Events +45 353-24326E-mail
Meinertz, Birgitte LohseResearch secretary  +45 353-36345E-mail
Nawaz, ShabnamFinance officer  +45 353-23549E-mail
Nederby, Christina UpuliStudent  +45 353-35473E-mail
Pagels, MarynaResearch secretary Secretary for WELMA, CORA and CeBIL +45 353-34486E-mail
Petersen, CecilieAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-37511E-mail
Reinholdt, Nicoline JosephineMessenger  +45 353-34139E-mail
Saks, MetteSenior advisor Data Management +45 353-35156E-mail
Schmidt, IsabellaStudent  +45 353-37721E-mail
Sennels-Andersen, LykkeHead of Research Services Responsible for the Finance team, Research Secretary team, Funding & Events team, Administration & relations team +45 353-23859E-mail
Soucy, MarianneResearch secretary Secretary for CME and iCourts +45 353-23149E-mail
Streymnes, LilliResearch secretary Secretary for CECS and iCourts +45 353-22399E-mail
Thornsvad, HeidiFinancial controller  +45 353-23576E-mail