Study Services 

Study Services provide assistance to Danish and international students, teachers, examiners, course directors, external partners and the Faculty’s management and bodies in connection with legal study programmes (LLB and LLM) and part-time courses (specialist courses and courses at master and diploma level). In addition, Study Services assists in the development of existing study programmes.

Tasks, organisation and management

Study Services is managed by Tinne Troelsen Geiger, Acting Director of studies.
Team leader Astrid Dybdahl Ovesen has personnel responsibilities for the team of case workers.

Study Services is composed of four teams with the following tasks:

The planning team

  • Planning of curriculum and teaching
  • Certificates, theses and bachelor projects
  • Planning examinations

The administration team

  • Administration of intake and enrolment of students
  • Administration of credit transfer, master’s theses, applications for dispensation and complaints from students
  • Administration of exchange students on study abroad programmes

Team Teaching and Learning 

  • Quality assurance of study programmes
  • Support for pedagogic development of learning activities
  • Support of course directors on matters relating to courses, including the preparing and holding of courses and examinations
  • Support for course directors during employment of part-time academic staff (employment terms, salary levels and salary regulation)
  • General support of part-time academic staff
  • Planning and support of pedagogic seminars, legal seminars, evaluation meetings etc.

Team Study Contact

  • Front line information for students
  • Student and career advice
  • Study start