Study Services 

Study Services provide assistance to both Danish and international students, teachers, examiners, course directors, external partners and the faculty management and organs in relation to the full-time study programmes (bachelor and master levels) and part-time study programmes (specialist courses and master’s and diploma levels). In addition, Study Services helps to develop existing study programmes.

Tasks, organisation and management

Study Services is headed by Director of Studies Tinne Geiger. The department is divided into three teams, where staff is managed by the following team leaders:

  • Team Casework, Teaching and Exams (SUE): Astrid Dybdahl Ovesen
  • Team Educational Quality (TUK): Tina Futtrup Borg.
  • Team Student Life: Astrid Kirstine Geertz Poulsen

The three teams perform the following tasks:

Team Casework, Teaching and Exams (SUE)

  • Planning course choices and timetables
  • Registration, etc. for courses, master's theses, bachelor projects and academic internships
  • Allocation of students to classes, including administratively formed study groups
  • Planning of exams, including external examiners
  • Special exam conditions
  • Mandatory credit transfer and credit transfer
  • Dispensation applications and complaints from students
  • Leave of absence
  • Certificates

Team Educational Quality (TUK)

  • Quality assurance of degree programmes
  • Administrative support of study boards
  • Secretariat services for external examiners
  • Disciplinary cases
  • International partnership agreements
  • Drawing up and adjusting of curricula
  • Support for course directors, in relation to employment, salary and post-regulation of part-time academic staff and group supervisors, the running of teaching on courses, including preparation for the start of the semester, support during the semester and exam preparation (assignment/exam commission work)
  • Planning and support in connection with the holding of course seminars, evaluation meetings, etc.
  • Frontline information and support for teachers
  • Distribution of bachelor projects and master's theses to supervisors
  • Support for digital tools used in teaching
  • Production of digital learning resources such as videos and podcasts.
  • Registration of teaching hours
  • Reporting of hours
  • Project management of study related development projects

Team Student Life

  • Frontline Information for students (study information, KUnet, study messages)
  • Study and career guidance for students
  • Recruitment and bridge-building
  • Processing of admissions and enrolment
  • Processing of single-subject students
  • Processing of student exchanges for incoming and outgoing students
  • Study Start on all full-time degree programmes and tutor training
  • Information meetings aimed at potential and enrolled students
  • Warning of study activity requirement
  • Processing the faculty's main mailbox
  • The Study Environment Survey