Staff at Dean's Office

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Clausen, Jon Communications consultant Strategic communication and press Billede af Clausen, Jon
Friedrichsen, Lene Juhl Communications officer Strategic communication Billede af Friedrichsen, Lene Juhl
Grüner, Anne Mette Team manager Head of Dean's Office, Strategy and governance - project-, programme and portfolio management, organizational and management development, strategic communication, and management support Billede af Grüner, Anne Mette
Hansen, Julie Communications officer Intranet manager, translation Billede af Hansen, Julie
Kørner, Michael Senior advisor Site manager Billede af Kørner, Michael
Lauta, Kristian Cedervall Associate Dean for Education Professor in Disaster Law Billede af Lauta, Kristian Cedervall
Magaard, Malene Senior advisor Management support, project management, secretary for JUR-LT and external employer advisory board, LERU-coordinator Billede af Magaard, Malene
Nederby, Christina Upuli Student Billede af Nederby, Christina Upuli
Nielsen, Jacob Graff Dean Dean, professor of Tax Law Billede af Nielsen, Jacob Graff
Nielsen, Jan Andresen Faculty Director Billede af Nielsen, Jan Andresen
Nielsen, Lise Steen Communications consultant Strategic communication and Press Billede af Nielsen, Lise Steen
Næsted, Frida Student Billede af Næsted, Frida
Okkels, Ulrik Senior advisor Business Intelligence, Analysis, Project- and Portfolio management Billede af Okkels, Ulrik
Olsen, Henrik Palmer Associate Dean for Research Professor in Jurisprudence Billede af Olsen, Henrik Palmer
Prip, Sara Margon Student Billede af Prip, Sara Margon