Nordic Conference on Law and Information Technology 2022

Welcome to the 37th Nordic Conference on Law & Information Technology

"Humans, data and law: tectonic plates in motion"

Over recent times, the European regulatory landscape has experienced several quakes with proposals such as the Digital Services Act, Digital Market Act, Data Governance Act, Data Act, Artificial Intelligence Act as well as other soft-law initiatives, attempting to adjust to the fast-paced developments in our digital society, many of which relate to challenges caused by scale and automation.

Time to take a step back and take a look: how are the tectonic plates of Law and Information Technology moving in the 2020s? What are the regulatory approaches? What is their interplay, what are common issues, what are common solutions? What is a Nordic perspective? And also: how should our legal education reflect the new technological world? 



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Programme 🍿

31 October 2022


👩‍🎓 Phd workshop (University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, “Flexrummet”, room 8A.0.57)

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👋 Welcome reception (for all conference participants) (Klub, Linnésgade 25, 1361 Copenhagen) 

Don't miss it! You will meet and discuss the state of tech regulation with the world's first and former tech ambassador of Denmark, Caspar Klynge, and the chair of the new Nordic think tank on tech giants’ influence on democracy, Tobias Bornakke. 


1 November 2022

Klub, Linnésgade 25, 1361 Copenhagen (

☕️🥐 Arrival and light breakfast 


Welcome: Humans, data and law: tectonic plates in motionSebastian Schwemer (Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR), UCPH) 


Normative implications of ethical guidelinesStefan Larsson (Department of Technology and Society, Lund University)  Slides (PDF)

The Regulatory Framework of the AI Act - A Critical AnalysisRebecca Schmidt (Norwegian Research Center for Computers & Law (NRCCL), University of Oslo) 

Q&A and discussion 

☕️ Coffee break 


Deconstructing consent in human-robot interaction, Mona Naomi Lintvedt (Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL), University of Oslo) Slides (PDF)

The new Directive on AI liabilityBeatrice Schütte (University of Helsinki & University of Lapland)  Slides (PDF)

Autonomy – a definitional challenge in drone regulation, Samar Abbas Nawaz (Peace Research Institute Oslo) Slides (PDF)

Q&A and discussion

🍽 Lunch 


EU Digital Sovereignty: a Useful Concept or a Distraction?, Andrej Savin (Copenhagen Business School) Slides (PDF)

Compliance in tech regulationHenrik Udsen (Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR), UCPH) Slides (PDF)

Q&A and discussion

☕️🍏🍪 Coffee break


Status of the negotiations of the AI Act, Katinka Clausdatter Worsøe (Danish Business Authority) Slides (PDF)

Digital bouncers. A European common framework for online access rights, Berdien van der Donk (University of Copenhagen)

Digital citizenship – Opportunities and challenges for democracy, Sine Nørholm Just (Roskilde University) Slides (PDF)

Q&A and discussion 


🍽 Conference Dinner  

Høst, Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364 Copenhagen K (


2 November 2022

Klub, Linnésgade 25, 1361 Copenhagen (

🥐☕️ Arrival and light breakfast


The regulation of use of automated decision-making in the public sector in Finland & EuropeHanne Hirvonen (University of Helsinki) 

NLP in legal information retrieval and decision supportHenrik Palmer Olsen (Centre of Excellence for International Courts, University of Copenhagen) Slides (PDF)

Tax, technology and human rights: problems and solutions for the EU value added tax law, Marta Agnieszka Papis-Almansa (Legal Studies in Welfare and Market, University of Copenhagen) Slides (PDF)

Q&A and discussion

☕️ Coffee break


Technology in the Nordic legal education: Stocktaking and outlook

Moderator: Henrik Udsen

  • Tobias Mahler (Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law University of Oslo)
  • Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg (Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute, Stockholm University)
  • Nasjida Noorestany (Centre on Experiential Legal Learning, University of Oslo)
  • Jesper Løffler Nielsen (Focus Advokater)
 🍽 Lunch


Project updates across the Nordics 

  • Active assisted living - legal tectonic plates (VisuAAL)Maksymilian Kuzmicz (Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute, Stockholm University) Slides (PDF)
  • Using artificial intelligence to predict escalation of social and health services needs (MAITE)Juhana Riekkinen (University of Lapland) Slides (PDF)
  • Human-technology Interaction Platform for artificial Emotional Intelligence (HIPE), Béatrice Schütte (University of Lapland)
  • Digital Democracy Centre (DDC), University of Southern Denmark, Jøren Ullits (University of Southern Denmark) - presentation can be downloaded here (PDF)
A (non-geological) attempt to “wrap up” and farewell, Sebastian Schwemer


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The 37th Nordic Conference on Law and Information Technology is organised by the Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR) with support from the LEGALESE project, funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark (0175-00011A).