Visiting programme

We strongly encourage researchers – from full professors to doctoral students – to visit CeBIL to share their knowledge with us and participate in our research and education activities. The Visiting Programme is intended to give researchers from other institutions the opportunity to engage in scholarly interaction with scholars at CeBIL and to actively contribute to the field of biomedical innovation law with their unique insights.

Visiting researchers can engage in various activities during their stay to help develop and maintain a vibrant and diverse research environment at CeBIL.  Contributions during the visit may include:

  • guest lectures and seminars,
  • working papers or published articles
  • collaborate on joint research with colleagues at CeBIL,
  • data-sharing or contribution to analysis,
  • mentoring junior researchers, or
  • preparing grant applications for long-term research stays at CeBIL.

Research visits can range from one week to 12 months. If you plan on visiting CeBIL to work on a major grant application (e.g. Marie-Curie fellowships and others), we recommend a period of 2-3 months. We will, as far as possible, try to ensure access to office space and library facilities.

Potential visitors whose research is closely related to the CeBIL Programme (funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation) may apply for a CeBIL visitor grant. Such grants are allocated based on the applicants’ merit, their current research project, and the character of their contribution to CeBIL. Please provide us with a preliminary budget, including travel expenses and accommodation costs.

All incoming applications will be evaluated after April 1st, and October 1st each year. For further information or any questions, please contact:

Apply for a CeBIL visit by using this form