About CeBIL

Biomedical innovation is experiencing changes of epic proportions. Rapid progress in many scientific areas, such as gene editing, pharmacogenomics, artificial intelligence and big data-driven precision medicine have greatly advanced the promises and opportunities of the health and life sciences, but they also propose a number of challenges.

The overall aim and ambition of CeBIL is to contribute to the translation of groundbreaking biomedical research into safe, effective, affordable and accessible therapies by analyzing the most significant legal challenges to pharmaceutical innovation and public health from a cross-disciplinary perspective.

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CeBIL is headed by Professor Timo Minssen, who says:

CeBIL is motivated by a genuine wish to support and contribute to strengthening Denmark’s and Europe’s innovation and competitiveness within the biomedical area, to create new jobs, and – very importantly - to meet the needs, values and expectations of citizens and patients. Moreover, it will allow us to provide a forum for crucial global debates.