Special advisors

CeBIL will collaborate with a broad network of stakeholder organizations and international experts within law, economics, life science, medicine, sociology and pharmacy. This involves special advisors from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University, the Universities of Oxford, Pennsylvania and Hong Kong, as well as UCPH’s Department of Public Health and the Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Sciences (CORS).

Professor Mateo Aboy Professor Mateo Aboy, Director of Research, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Jane Kaye

Professor Jane Kaye (Oxford, Director HeLeX)

Professor Dietmar Harhoff Professor Dietmar Harhoff (Max Planck)
Professor Rebecca S. Eisenberg Professor Rebecca S. Eisenberg (University of Michigan)
Professor Marieke De Bruin Professor Marieke De Bruin (UCPH, Director of CORS)
Professor Josef Drexl Professor Josef Drexl (Max Planck)
Assistant Professor Professor Benjamin Roin Assistant Professor Professor Benjamin Roin (MIT)
Professor Kevin Outterson Professor Kevin Outterson (Boston University, Director of Carb X)
Assistant Professor Holly Fernandez Lynch Assistant Professor Holly Fernandez Lynch (University of Pennsylvania)
Professor Terry Kaan Professor Terry Kaan (Hong Kong)
Professor Klaus Lindgaard Høyer Professor Klaus Lindgaard Høyer (UCPH, Department of Public Health)