Reconceptualising Reproductive Rights

Graphic scales of Justice

Contracts and the private market are increasingly becoming the drivers of the legal evolution of individual reproductive rights. At the same time, human rights seem to have reached the limit of their evolutionary potential in their current conceptualisation of reproductive rights.

The hypothesis of this project is that the conceptualization of reproductive rights as (certain) human rights does not provide an adequate theoretical framework for understanding contemporary reproductive rights. This project seeks to theorize and reconceptualize reproductive rights, and through this contribute to legal theory about reproductive rights.

The project combines a sociolegal analysis of legal genealogy with the analytical concept of sociotechnical imaginaries in examining periods of emergence of reproductive rights. The project will clarify what the ongoing developments in reproductive medicine has for the ability of the legal system to regulate this either through human rights law or through domestic/international regulation of contractual freedom.

PI, Associate Professor Janne Rothmar Herrmann