JURFAST - The Legal Framework for the use of health data

Health data collageDenmark has in international comparison a unique collection of health data, with significant research potential. Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation, researchers and research institutions need systematized knowledge of the rules for using health data for research. The present research project aims to meet this need by providing a comprehensive, systematized and easily accessible analysis of the rules on the use of health data for research.

Furthermore the thorough and objective jurisprudential analysis can assist authorities and courts in assessing the legality of a given use of health data for research and have an impact on the Danish legislative process, as the work will reveal the legislative scope for national legislation to lay down specific rules for Danish research.

Core members in the project are:

Associate Professor, Kent Kristensen, University of Southern Denmark
Professor, MD, Jens Søndergaard, University of Southern Denmark
Assistant Professor Ayo Næsborg, University of Southern Denmark
Professor Steen Bønsing, Aalborg University
Associate Professor Janne Rothmar Herrmann, University of Copenhagen