Ice age - Entangled Lives, Times, and Ethics in Fertility Preservation

Individual clinical freezerReproductive medicine has entered a new preservation age. Fertility preservation profoundly reorders reproductive trajectories and boosts the global market in private reproductive cells/tissue banking and assisted reproduction.

The project aims to situate fertility preservation as not merely a technical or reproductive innovation but as a cultural one. Our main research question asks: How is fertility preservation given meaning and value in the lives of individual freezers, in commercial undertakings, in clinical practices, and within bioethics and law?

Because the question demands a collaborative approach, the research cut across the arenas of bioethics/law, practices/experiences, and culture/commerce. We seek to make a significant academic contribution to interdisciplinary scholarship, develop cultural theories on reproductive time, and enable scholarly-grounded public policies, debates, and law on preservation.

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Core members in the project are: 

Professor Charlotte Kroløkke, University of Southern Denmark
Professor Thomas Søbirk Petersen, Roskilde University
Associate Professor Stine Willum Adrian, Aalborg University
Associate Professor Janne Rothmar Herrmann, University of Copenhagen