Global IPR and Life Sciences

In a series of webinars commencing in 2021, international experts and stakeholders will debate challenges facing Global IPR and Life Sciences. The aim of the webinars is to bring together scholars, industry and practitioners in a constructive dialogue on pressing legal issues arising at the intersection of IPR, innovation and regulation in this sector. 

The global IPR regime and the life science sector are facing increasing challenges but also opportunities, some of which have been elevated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent pharmaceutical policy discussions highlight some of the groundbreaking innovations ranging from the rapid development of vaccines and personalized medicine to gene therapy and AI-assisted innovations. But they also reveal challenges related to availability, affordability, safety and sustainability of such innovations. 

These challenges have also been recognized by the OECD, who notes that gains in longevity are stalling, while chronic diseases and mental ill health affect more and more people. Although the quality of care is improving in terms of safety and effectiveness, it is often argued that more attention should be placed on patient-reported outcomes and experiences, and the evolution of legal and regulatory responses. 

Focusing  on law, policy and regulation, this webinar series strives to address and discuss these trends and future possibilities within Global IPR and the Life Sciences.

















About the project

The project aims to create a neutral platform that allows for well-informed debates on crucial issues in pharmaceutical innovation. Focus is on creating an  inclusive platform to accommodate stakeholders with different opinions and perspectives. The project runs between April 2021 and April 2023. The webinar series is a joint collaboration between The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) and Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.

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