Marta Agnieszka Papis-Almansa

Marta Agnieszka Papis-Almansa


  • JUR WELMA - Center for Retlige Studier i Velfærd og Marked

    Karen Blixens Plads 16

    2300 København S

    Telefon: +4535333594

Associate Professor Marta Papis-Almansa is a lecturer and researcher specializing in VAT. She is currently a MSCA Fellow at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) where she is pursuing an individual research project on the advantages and challenges of using new technologies in VAT reporting, collection and auditing (VATTECH). She is also associated with Lund University and Kristianstad University (Sweden). In Lund Marta has, for several years, been re-sponsible for indirect tax education for the university’s Master’s Programme in European and International Tax Law. Marta has also previously held the position of case law section co-editor at INTERTAX (Wolters Kluwer). She also has experience in educating and advising businesses on European VAT issues. In 2017 Marta was awarded the Maurice Lauré Prize by the International Fiscal Association for her doctoral thesis on “Insurance in European VAT: On the Current and Preferred Treatment in the light of New Zealand and Australian GST Systems”.

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