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Zuzanna Godzimirska

Zuzanna Godzimirska

Videnskabelig ass.

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    Aktuel forskning

    Zuzanna’s PhD thesis explores the legitimation of international courts, by focusing primarily on the relationship between international courts and states. Employing different methods and tools of text analysis, her project examines, in particular, the legitimation discourses on and by the World Trade Organization's Appellate Body and the International Court of Justice. 

    In addition to her PhD project, Zuzanna is engaged in various projects that explore issues of trust and legitimacy in international courts. One strand of studies explores the perceived legitimacy of various international courts, and examines the legitimacy-influencing factors different states employ in assessing the legitimacy of such institutions. Another strand examines the trust-building role registries and legal secretariats play in international (regional and global) courts. 

    Zuzanna's research interests fall in the intersection of International Law, International Relations and Linguistics. 

    Teaching: International Dispute Resolution and International Courts, Institutionel forfatningsret og EU-forfatningsret

    ID: 46246445