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Salvatore Caserta

Salvatore Caserta


Medlem af:

    Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

    International Dispute Resolution and International Courts; Public International Law; Comparative Regional Integration; Sociology of Law

    Aktuel forskning

    I am currently involved in several research projects. First, my research focuses on unveiling the socio-political dynamics accounting for the establishment and the gaining of political significance and authority of international courts in regional settings. My interest lies in researching and understanding the reasons why several regions of the world equipped their systems of regional integration with international judicial bodies, how these institutions develop and function over time, and how these impact on regional integration.

    In my doctoral dissertation entitled “Institutionalizing Regional International Courts – Creation, Authority, and Power of the Central American and Caribbean Courts of Justice”, I examined the socio-political dynamics accounting for the establishment and the gaining of authority of the Central American and the Caribbean Courts of Justice.

     Another aspect of my research aims at unveiling the role of international courts in times of crisis and in facing issues of megapolitics. In particular, I am interested in understanding the thus far limited role of the international judiciary on such issues. 

    Finally, I am developing a research project on the impact of new technologies and the development of a digital society on the internal structure of legal profession and its role in society. 

    ID: 40102051