Salvatore Caserta

Salvatore Caserta


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    2019 - ongoing, Assistant Professor of Sociology of Law and International Law at iCourts

    2016 - 2019, Postoctoral Research Fellow at iCourts

    2012 - 2016, PhD Fellow at iCourts, The Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen

    Dissertation: Institutionalizing Regional International Courts: Creation, Authority, and Power of the Central American and Caribbean Court of Justice

    2012, LL.M., Faculty of Law, U.C. Berkeley

    2009, MA, Faculty of Law, University of Roma Tre

    2007, BA, Faculty of Law, University of Roma Tre



    2013, Visiting Scholar at the Buffet Centre, Faculty of Political Sciences, Northwestern University, Chicago (Evanston) - United States

    2013, Visiting Scholar at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Oñati – Spain

    2010 - 2011, Visiting Scholar at Yale Law School, New Haven - United States

    2009, Visiting Student at Fordham Law School, New York - United States

    2009, External Affiliated Researcher at Oxford Law School, Oxford - United Kingdom

    ID: 40102051