Behrang Kianzad

Behrang Kianzad

Ekstern forsker, Gæsteforsker

The research proposal highlights the hotly debated issue of excessive pricing in the field of pharmaceuticals as an anti-competitive practice within European Competition Law & TRIPS.

The thesis conducts an investigation of the triangular dilemma of Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law as well as Law & Economics. The questions to be answered are mainly “how much is too much” and “how to define excessiveness” in order to have both a legal as well as economically sound approach to alleged excessive price cases in the pharmaceutical sector.

Further questions to be answered are what constitutes a “fair price” and if “fairness” can be translated into administrable legal standard in relation to the goals of Competition Law as well as Intellectual Property Law.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Behrang Kianzad teaches master-level courses in EU Intellectual Property Law, Life Science Law as well as EU Competition Law at the Faculty of Law, Copenhagen University. 

ID: 182567918