Patenting Human Genes in Europe

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Timo Minssen - Foredragsholder

TALK: Patenting Human Genes in Europe

BioSynergy Steering Group Mmeber, Associate Professor Timo Minssen has been invited to speak at the conference IP and the Life Sciences.

The conference, organised by Professor Duncan Matthews, CCLS/ QMUL, and Professor Herbert Zech, University of Basel, will provide in-depth analysis of the boundaries between IP and Life Sciences. Presentations will address the significance of IP for medicine and pharmaceutics, the agricultural sector (crop sciences), Life Sciences research, as well as detailed country case studies.

The conference will be of special interest to academics and practitioners involved in IP and Life Sciences, with conference findings published subsequently as a "Research Handbook on IP and the Life Sciences".
13 nov. 2015

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelIP and the Life Sciences.
AfholdelsesstedUniversity of Basel, Law Faculty, Peter Merian Weg 8, 4002 Basel, Switzerland

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