Implementation Issues in Global Environmental Law: The Case of Forests (Interfor)

Interfor is a research project that explores how the implementation of forest regulation can be enhanced, in order to better protect forested lands and the people inhabiting them. Forest protection is, in legal terms, rather scattered: in the context of forest-related environmental and climate governance, a mix of various layers of legal instruments with different goals exists, at the local, regional and global levels.

As a result, the main current challenge is to make sure that the implementation of existing layers of legal protection runs smoothly, enhancing synergies and avoiding conflicts, in order to prevent further environmental degradation of forested lands. Against this background, INTERFOR aims to answer the following research question: how could the implementation of existing laws be enhanced, with the view of creating a better protection of forested lands and the people inhabiting them?

INTERFOR will further knowledge on the implementation methods that take place on forested lands and contribute significantly to the understanding of the interactions between different legal fields and systems that apply on forested lands.

More specifically, INTERFOR will:

  1. Investigate interactions between EU and international law to understand how implementation between different instruments can be coordinated in order to achieve better environmental protection;
  2. Investigate interactions between international environmental, development and human rights law with the aim of reconceptualising key environmental tools in light of needs of specific communities affected in forested lands;
  3. Investigate the interactions between ‘global’ and ‘local’ law to assess the possibilities for greater global action in the pursuance of better forest protection;
  4. Provide for a solid theoretical framework to organise the various legal interactions present in forests.


  • Conference: Forests at the Crossroads of International Law, hosted event at UCPH, Sep 2023
  • Roundtable “Forests, climate change, and the law: Recent trends in carbon offsets and land regulation”
    at the VU Amsterdam. 5 September 2022
  • “Sustainable forests? The exclusion of land rights from international environmental law”
    presented with Giedre Jokubauskaite, at the European Society of International Law Annual Conference, 2 September 2022:  University of Utrecht.
  • Presentation of the project "Implementation Issues in Global Environmental Law: The Case of Forests (INTERFOR)";
    6 May 2022; Presentation by Marie Curie Fellow Justine Bendel (CILG)
  • Presentation at the IV TRAMEREN conference "Implementation of Multiple Overlapping Policies in Forested Lands: are REDD+ and FLEGT regimes compatible?";
    1-2 June 2022; Presentation by Justine Irene Bendel (CILG)






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Martinez Romera, Beatriz Associate Professor Billede af Martinez Romera, Beatriz


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Implementation issues in global environmental law: the case of forests (Interfor) has received funding from Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship. 

Implementation issues in global environmental law: the case of forests (Interfor)
(Project number 101028622)

Period: 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2023


Justine Irene BendelMarie Curie Fellow
Justine Irene Bendel

South Campus, Building 6A-4-22
DK 2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 35 32 38 54

Beatriz Martinez RomeraSupervisor Associate Professor
Beatriz Martinez Romera

South Campus, Building 6A.4.09
DK 2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 35 32 31 80