LEGALESE – Danish Language Processing for Legal Texts

LEGALESE is a joint venture by the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Law and Department of Computer Science, KMD, Ankestyrelsen and Aalborg kommune. The aim of the project is to is to research and develop a product that facilitates efficient legal information retrieval and automated recommendation using cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP).


Bias detection and removal (debiasing) are essential for the success of such NLP system. WP2 will work on the related cutting-edge legal issues with a view to establish the standard for NLP implementations in terms of both privacy and bias as well as research on how debiasing may be implemented. In particular, WP2 analyses the implications of the application of the currently existing legal framework, namely the GDPR and the EU Non-Discrimination Law Directives, to legal information retrieval and explores the positive and negative consequences that newly proposed regulatory solutions, such as the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, may have on prevention and mitigation of bias in this context. The research will be conducted in ongoing collaboration with the Department of Computer Science.

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Name Title Image
Olsen, Henrik Palmer Professor Billede af Olsen, Henrik Palmer
Schwemer, Sebastian Felix Head of Centre, Associate Professor Billede af Schwemer, Sebastian Felix


Innovation Fund Denmark
LEGALESE Danish Language Processing for Legal Texts has received a three year funding from Innovation Fund Denmark, GrandSolutions.

Project: LEGALESE Danish Language Processing for Legal Texts
(Application number: 0175-00011A)

Period: 1 September 2020 – 1 September 2023


PI Professor
Henrik Palmer Olsen, iCourts


Associate professor
Sebastian Felix Schwemer, CIIR (WP2)

Anders Søgaard, DIKU (WP3 & WP4)