Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law & Politics (EUPoLex)

EUPoLex promotes excellence in empirical and interdisciplinary teaching and research in EU Studies. The action deepens the students and young professionals’ knowledge, competences and skills for exploring the intersection between EU Law and Politics, crucial for successfully developing EU-related academic and professional careers.

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The main content of the EUPoLex chair is being allocated to a website (under construction) where students, scholars and stakeholders will find information about the educational, research and dissemination actives of the Action. Moreover, the webplatform will serve a space for debate of questions concerning interdisciplinary teaching and research in EU law.


The Chair, in collaboration with other leading institutions, projects and scholars in the area of EU studies, will promote excellence in the curriculum at the Faculty of Law and the Political Science department of the University of Copenhagen by creating new courses on political-legal approaches and methods. The action will attend the need to provide new theoretical and methodological tools to prepare students for the many challenges and opportunities that EU politics entails for the development of EU law. This connects with the growing interest in the scholarship, and among stakeholders and public institutions in policy-legal analysis, which is based on a solid teaching curriculum that illuminates and thinks critically about recent challenges and future progress in EU integration.



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The EUPolex action has received a three year funding from the Jean Monnet Erasmus+ Programme

Overview of the Jean Monnet

Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law & Politics (EUPoLex)
(Reference number: 611925-EPP-1-2019-1-DKEPPJMO-CHAIR)

Period: 01-02-2020 – 31-01-2023

The project is still active after the end of the funding period.


Shai DothanPI Associate Professor, Chair of EUPoLex
Shai Dothan

South Campus, Building:  6B.4.33
DK 2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45  35 33 48 93