5 January 2023

New visitor at iCourts - Francesca Leucci

Francesca Leucci is a PhD candidate at Bologna, Rotterdam, and Hamburg Universities (European Doctorate in Law and Economics). She gained her first legal degree in Italy and her second LL.M. in Economic Analysis of European Law at the College of Europe in Bruges. After training as a lawyer at the Public Attorney and as a judge assistant at the Administrative Local Court in Italy, she was admitted to the Italian Bar and she worked as an intern in the Legal Office of the Italian Antitrust Authority. Her doctoral project focuses on the Law and Economics of Environmental Damage Assessment, with a special focus on remedies for environmental liability. She is also temporary expert for Eklipse, working on the impact assessment of projects on biodiversity (no net loss) through the concept of ecosystem services. Her research interests concern environmental (public and private) law, tort law and the economic analysis of torts.