26 June 2023

New Associate Professor at iCourts – Marc Schack

Marc Schack joins iCourts as an Associate Professor of International Law and National Security from July 2023. Schack works at the intersection between law and security, focusing on aspects of international- and national law that poses challenges to actors wishing to establish and maintain security domestically and abroad. In recent years, Schack has worked mostly on issues relating to conflict in cyber space and to questions relating to Danish perspective on international law and the management of national security problems. Currently, Schack is working on projects that explore the Danish legal concepts of war and crisis, as well as initiatives pertaining to the law governing non-UN sanctions regimes and other forms of countermeasures in international law.

Schack holds a BA, an LL.M., and a PhD degree, all from the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. Prior to joining iCourts, Schack served as associate professor at the Royal Danish Defence College.