Breakfast Briefing with Iben Yde

Breakfast Briefing with Iben Yde

AI, autonomous systems and human control with selection and engagement of targets – a task-specific approach


In her upcoming report, Iben Yde develops a task specific approach to the analysis of the legality of the use of autonomous and AI enabled systems in armed conflicts. In order to infuse further granularity to the debate about LAWS and AI, she will explore the changes in the role of human operators in automated warfare and break down targeting law provisions into concrete tasks to be able to assess the nature and extent of human control necessary in each case. 

About the speaker

Iben Yde is a former military legal advisor of the Admiral Danish Fleet and Danish Defence Command. She is now Assistant Professor of International and Operational Law at the Royal Danish Defence College and participant in the InterMil project, which conducts strategic research and provides research-based public-sector consultancy within the field of military studies. Iben’s research and teaching focuses on the law of armed conflict and military governance of new military technologies.

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