When you are enrolled

Acceptance letter

When you have a place, we will send you an acceptance letter containing the practical information shown below.

You will also receive a letter from the ID card office at the University of Copenhagen with details of your mail account and a pin code to KUnet. We recommend that you check KUnet and your mail on a regular basis as it is here you will receive important information from the university.

ID card

You will receive either

  • A scanner form to which you attach a passport photo and return to the University of Copenhagen ID card office or
  • A student ID card, which you will receive if you have been registered at the University of Copenhagen within the last couple of years.

If you receive neither of the above, you should contact the ID card office tel. 35 32 27 00 (open weekdays 9.00 - 16.00) as you need the card to identify yourself at the examination. The card is also your library lending card and access card for doors where a card is needed.

Time and place of teaching

You can see the time and place of teaching on the timetable.

See a map of the Faculty rooms.

If there is more than one class on a course, you need to know which class you have been allocated to. You can see the number of your class via Self Service on KUnet. As the Faculty has a limited number of rooms, you must attend the classes you have been allocated to.

In certain circumstances, individual classes may be moved or cancelled by the lecturer. If this happens, it is the lecturer’s responsibility to inform students via Absalon and to change the teaching plan in the timetable. Changes can be made at short notice. It is therefore a good idea to check Absalon and the timetable regularly.


You should use the form below, if you need to apply for an exemption from the current rules and regulations.