Til toppenGeneral information about the exam

Exams are held in May or June in the spring term and December or January in the autumn term.

You will be automatically registered for the exam on equal footing with the other law students. You’ll find information on the exam periods in your course descriptions.

You have a total of 3 examination attempts.

In the course descriptions for each course, you can see which exam form applies to the course. You can read more about the exam rules at the Faculty of Law in” Nærmere regler om prøver på kandidatuddannelsen” which is under revision.  

If you do not wish to take the exam, we recommend that you cancel your exam registration. You cancel the registration via Self Service on KUnet. The cancellation deadlines are specified in the Academic calendar.

Til toppenTime and location for the exam

You have the responsibility to keep oriented on when and where you have to attend the exam. You can see your exam registrations on KUnet, as well as final dates for oral examinations. You can see when the examination times will be published in the Academic calendar.

At oral examinations, all examinees have to show up 10 minutes before the exam begins. It isn’t possible to move the exam date or swap with another student.

The dates for the written exams are specified in the course descriptions under courses.

Til toppenSpecial circumstances

It is possible to apply for special circumstances at the exam, including extra time for the written exam. Read more about extra time and special needs (intranet).

Til toppenMake-up exam

If you are sick and prevented from attending the exam, you can go to the make-up exam. You have to send the filled out form “sick at the exam” and upload a doctor’s note to Study Services no later than 3 working days after the date of the exam. The doctor’s note has to be valid on the day of the examination. You’ll find the form in the Application forms.

You have to register for the make-up exam, and can only register before the valid deadline. You’ll always find the registration deadlines in the Academic calendar

If you don’t submit a doctor’s note in time, you won’t be able to participate in the make-up exam.  

You can’t turn in your doctor’s note and register for the make-up exam, in any other way than by the form mentioned above. If you cannot scan it at home, you can scan your doctor’s note and other documentation at the Student Counselling Center.

Til toppenRe-exams

You must register for a new exam attempt, if you were sick, didn't show up or failed the ordinary exam. You must register within the valid registration period. Dealines can be seen under academic calendar on KUnet.

The next examination period can either be an ordinary exam period or a re-exam period. You don’t have to be taken the ordinary exam to register for a re-exam.

Til toppenRegistration for 2nd or 3rd exam attempt

If you would like to take your 2nd or 3rd exam attempt, you must use the following form: 

Registration periods for the re-exam

  • For the winter re-examination, with ordinary exam in November and December: Wednesday in Week 1 to Wednesday in Week 2
  • For the winter re-examination, with ordinary exam in January: Wednesday in Week 4 to Wednesday in Week 5
  • For the summer re-exam: Wednesday of week 27 to Wednesday of week 28

Registration periods for ordinary exams

  • For the summer ordinary exam: Wednesday of week 10 to Wednesday of week 11
  • For the winter ordinary exam: Wednesday of week 37 to Wednesday of week 38