CeBIL Summer School

CeBIL’s summer school brings together junior scholars, including PhD fellows, from different disciplines around the world who are conducting research in the biomedical field. We welcome scholars who take a special interest in the social, economic, ethical, and political implications of biomedical innovation on global health. In particular, we encourage scholars conducting research with an interdisciplinary approach to take part in our program.

CeBIL’s summer school is based on active participation and includes intensive work-in-progress workshops. This means that scholars who sign up for the summer school are expected to contribute to discussions and participate in the exercises that are part of the program As you learn more through interaction and discussion with fellow researchers, the program requires that you be willing to share your work through presentations and to offer your intellectual curiosity to others by asking questions and giving comments to your peers.

Our goal is to inspire and inform junior scholars on how to enrich their academic scholarship in the biomedical field through different interdisciplinary approaches. Furthermore, we seek to help identify and facilitate collaborative research opportunities between participants.